Phone Services are available via Skype Phone or Video (lisa.lamendola) or via Email. Email Readings are replied to within 48 hours of payment.

Payment can be made through the SERVICES header in the right hand column, or through electronic invoice sent via email upon scheduling a session.

Office Hours are Tuesday - Saturday 1-7 pm ET 

Call/Text (734-717-6619) or email ( to schedule an appointment.

Animal Communication: $65 (30 minutes via SKYPE)
Email Pet Reading: $45 (up to 3 questions*)
Distance Healing: $100 (initial session, future sessions $75)

*When sending your questions (up to 3 only) and be sure to include background and current health information (if you have not already provided this), and be sure to include a RECENT picture of your pet (front facing). Send your email to

There are so many reasons for wanting to help with the health and wellness of your pet. Have you just rescued, are fostering, or just adopted an animal? We don't always get the information we need from others about our new pets and their needs, so getting a wellness session for them makes your journey together so much easier.​Perhaps your current pet is having health issues? Going through a trauma? Adjusting to a new home? Or just acting "out of sorts"?​

Getting a session, (communication and healing) for them will help both of you have a better life. This includes answers to the questions you have for your pet (animal communication), and/or for your pet to express its needs. During a phone session, or via email, I will share with you any health and wellness changes you should consider, emotional assistance your pet needs, issues to address with your veterinarian, as well as answers to questions you presented at the time of your appointment.

DISCLAIMERInformation shared on this site or in a session is not intended for use without consulting your veterinarian. I claim no responsibility for the actions of my clients. 

Sessions are for information only and should be used with discretion.

In shamanic cultures naturopathic means are used first because we are taught to be in tune with our own body's needs. As a pet owner, I want that for the animals in your life as well! If your pet is on pharmaceutical medication be sure to share that information with me so you may learn about the side effects they can create when adding particular herbs, supplements, or other over the counter products to your pet's wellness program.

Never assume that what someone else does for their pet is what you should be doing for yours. All pets, just like all humans, are different beings and should be treated as such.

About This Site

Working with the animals of the world is a remarkable gift. Not just what I can do for them, but what they do for us human beings. I use my medical intuitive ability, my naturopathic knowledge, my ability to communicate with and lay hands on animals, all so we can live harmoniously together with great health and well being. The articles on this site are for reference only. Please consult your veterinarian before making any changes to you pets wellness routine.

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Information shared on this site is not intended for use without first consulting your veterinarian. In shamanic cultures naturopathic means are used first so we highly recommend you consult a holistic veterinarian (who is schooled in both conventional and holistic practices). Never give your pet a supplement without contacting your vet first and knowing what adverse affects can happen.