I talk to the animals. However, I do not get impressions, and then have to interpret that perception, like most animal communicators do. Instead I hear, word for word, what the animal is saying. Keep in mind that animals are not "conversational" like humans are, but instead are very simplistic in what they have to say.

As a healer I use many different modalities, but I am known for my use of Shamanic Healing Techniques (soul retrieval, extraction, etc) to help your pet through traumas (death, divorce, health issues, etc) so they do not develop future problems (mental or physical).

Sammy here, I learned how to take care of my Mom after she had a pretty bad accident, but before then I was her hiking buddy! We went lots of places together, but on the one day I wasn't with her, she had a really bad accident and had to go to the hospital for a few days.

When she came home she needed my help, so I started to pick things up for her and warn her when she shouldn't do something.  She got better so I got to be a pet again, but not for long because then she got really sick (stroke followed by seizure disorder) and needed even more help! So I met Marc and he taught me how to do a lot more things to help her.  Like protect her when she has a seizure, recognize her PTSD triggers, take her away from her Sensory triggers, and nose bump her when she was going to have a seizure or even when her blood sugar is getting low. That's what a service dog does, learns what they need to do to help their owner and protect them from anything that could hurt them.

Mom says I did my job very well, so that makes me proud.  Earlier this year (2019) I got to retire! Not because I'm old or sick, but because my Mom is getting better. She stopped having seizures last year and the doctor says that helps the brain start to heal.

Being a service dog was hard work, and I was doing it for quite a while, but don't worry I got a lot of good food, treats and bones, time off to rest, go to places I like, see my friends, and I have the best vet! If you are wondering what kind of dog I am, my doggy dad was a Samoyed and my doggy mom was a Golden Retriever. My Mom says that what makes me perfect for her!

Since my accident in 2012 my connection to Sammy has been much stronger and more of a partnership than just a relationship of dog and human. He helps me help you and is always by my side supporting me when I give healing work and communicating with your pet, to help them be more accepting to telling me everything that's happening to or with them. Animals have a way of blocking out the human from communicating, only because they know they are here for us. And while they do rely on us for their basic needs they see themselves as the giver not the taker.

So Sammy and I work together in a unique way so that I can get all the information I need from your pet for you, as well as help your pet open to more healing energy than they might otherwise allow.This unique partnership has allowed me to take my practice from very good, to exceptional! And I hope you will allow me to help you and your pet, farm animal, service animal, etc when you need it.

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Working with the animals of the world is a remarkable gift. Not just what I can do for them, but what they do for us human beings. I use my medical intuitive ability, my naturopathic knowledge, my ability to communicate with and lay hands on animals, all so we can live harmoniously together with great health and well being. The articles on this site are for reference only. Please consult your veterinarian before making any changes to you pets wellness routine.

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Information shared on this site is not intended for use without first consulting your veterinarian. In shamanic cultures naturopathic means are used first so we highly recommend you consult a holistic veterinarian (who is schooled in both conventional and holistic practices). Never give your pet a supplement without contacting your vet first and knowing what adverse affects can happen.