Sunday, September 29, 2019

Pet Vaccines: Good Or Not So Good?

I wanted to talk to you humans about all those shots you give your fur babies. 

My mom explained to me that there are human laws that make it necessary for me to get a certain vaccine, and lucky it's only one shot every three years. But even then its very difficult on us when we are injected with toxins that are suppose to help us.

I'm not talking about the real part of the vaccine that helps protect other animals, I"m talking about the "extras" they add so it can be "tolerable" to the body. But we still suffer....

My mom did lots of things for me before hand like healing work to build up my immune system to more than it's already peak level, and gave me homeopathic medicine to help counteract the symptoms, but I still got sick. Probably not as bad as I could have it, but sick none the less. 

Inside the vaccine they gave me things so that if I bite you or another animal I won't make you sick. I think it's total bologna because I'm not a wild animal who's apt to get infected. So you see this "vaccine" isn't to protect me the dog, it's to protect others from me (so they say). So yes, if I get bit by another animal that is rabid I will die, but you have to know how rabies happens to understand if the vaccine is necessary or not. I could find a whole argument about this vaccine thing, from both angles, but I won't because it would just get my me upset, so what I do want to talk about is the side affects and how you can help you pet.

In order to do that I should tell you what I went through the few days after my checkup. Like I said, my mom did everything she could to help counter the side affects. Lots of healing and something called Thuja (thoo-ya) that was supposed to help shorten my recovery time.  It did, and I would hate to think how sick I could have been without it.  Anyway, I took it faithfully for three days before (and will continue taking for three days after), but I still had symptoms: fatigue, muscle pain, weakness, and a fever. I had my shot in the afternoon and slept for the rest of the day.  I wasn't very chipper the second day either. I didn't get my usual walks or even my special long walk because my legs hurt and my body ached.  I felt old, very old, and I'm only nine!

So my mom did energy healing on me every few hours for a few days after (hands on healing with reiki for clearing negative gunk and shamanic healing for the trauma to my body). I know it's bad energy coming out because it makes her gag a bit. I feel bad for her, but much better each time she's done. It doesn't last though. The first night was pretty rough. I had my mom up most of the night pulling the toxins out of my leg (from the side of the injection).  I"m lucky though, believe it or not, because I won't have any long term affects.  I have lots of friends who have them and their parents don't realize it.

I see it in my friend Roger, he needs a lot of healing because his body can't handle it. Then he has to do his job (mirroring his mom) which is even more hard on him and then his body breaks down.  He's a lot better than he was because he has my mom nearby to help him, but he still won't be able to reverse any of the long term affects (skin eruptions at or near the original vaccine site, skin and respiratory allergies, susceptible to respiratory infections, digestive issues, weak heart and arthritis). I try to tell him to switch and show his mom how to be instead of mirroring her, but he can only do it for a few hours and then he gets exhausted so he goes back to mirroring because its what he knows.

Anyway, can you see how hard your pet works for you? And then you give us toxins (yes I know, it's the law), and we suffer.  So if you don't do anything to help you are making it even worse on us.  So my mom did everything and I still suffered but not as much as I could have.  That's because your human vaccines are not made from the earth, they are made from man who creates toxic stuff.

Yes, I know there are poisons in nature, but the point is we don't need to be ingesting them. Why can't you make a vaccine out of non toxic things? I'm sure the earth has many things you could use together to achieve the same end result. Anyway, back to my recovery days...

After a few days I was doing better. I"m still not back to my old self and this bothers me but luckily I'm retired now and my mom doesn't need me to be their for her like I used to. So as you can expecting your pup to be OK after a day or two is not realistic. Just last night my mom pulled some residual toxins from my leg, heart, lungs, and brain. This is where inflammation happened because my body was trying to protect itself.

But you don't have my mom. You don't have someone who can work on your fur baby 24/7 so you need to make sure to take good care of you pooch and do what you can for him or her before and after vaccines (or other procedures). My mom does distance healing on my friends before and after they have anything major done. She also gets to share with their owners what their pup needs from them during this time. My mom also teaches you how to clear the energy from your pup so they don't suffer. You should call her and talk to her.

Anyway, I just want more people to know that there are things you can do. If my mom wasn't helping me through this and just let me get the shot I would eventually get over it in about a week or so. But then I could develop long term problems. You humans don't think about things before you do them, or take medications before you read about them, so you have the same problems. So I guess because you suffer you think your pet should?

My mom gets heartbroken when I suffer. I can feel it, sometimes she wants to cry it hurts so much for her. So I try to be as strong as possible, which I"m sure your pup does too. Luckily I don't have to have another shot for 3 years. That's because they have tested the vaccine that long and know it still works. Actually some research says it lasts up to 10 years!

Hopefully one day they will have that research out to our vets and we won't have to have it again for a long time. My mom says that the testing for that takes a lot of money and that hardly anyone puts money into veterinary research especially for the dog. Instead they take old human things that they think works and try it on the dog, then modify it. Not sure that's the best, but it's all we've got right now.

So what can you do for your pooch? 

Get him healing before and after his shots; give him a good homeopathic med a few days before, the day of, and for a few days after; don't let him do anything strenuous like the dog park or daycare for a few days after; and learn how to give him a good doggie massage (clearing).

Remember, this is a partnership you have with your fur baby, not just a friendship. We are not just "man's best friend", we are "man's best spiritual guide on earth", and in order to do that we need to be connected to you so you can help us better.


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