Thursday, August 29, 2019

Finding Home On Earth

Do you feel that you don’t belong where you live right now? Do you feel the need to move, but not sure where? Do you have this desire to change the world and/or your life but don't know where to start?

This is a dilemma most walk-ins have.

We are in a place that a soul with a different vibration was living. So we feel displaced, even disconnected to the land we are surrounded by. So do we chuck it all and find some other place to live, or try to make it work?

The answer to those questions can be found in your mission (soul's purpose for this life). We all come with different paths and if the one you have chosen is surrounded by the people you are with now and the job you have, then by all means you should find a way to feel connected to where you are.

However, if you have tried that for awhile and still feel disconnected, perhaps it’s time to take a trip. If there is a place you feel calling you to it, then book a week vacation so you can check the area and see what it has to offer you. Be sure to first notice how you feel vibrationally. If it is not raising  your vibration, it is not the place for you. For as a higher vibrational being you need more of that feeling, not less. You didn’t come here to be less, you came here to help others by being more vibrationally connected to All That Is.

I ended up taking a wrong turn in this life going back to what SHE had instead of moving forward. It happens. We get connected to people and places we think we should be with, only to find out we are way off our path. That’s part of the journey, to figure out who you are and where you need to be. Had someone told me I would move from nice warm Florida to snowy Michigan I would have laughed, but apparently it is what I needed. I needed it for the doctors, the medical marijuana, and the seasons. I needed it to help me get connected to my own natural rhythm which then connected me more to the earth’s energetic core.

You see the earth is energy, a big blue ball of energy, and what humans are tapping into is just at the surface of their 3D experience. When you are connected to All That Is you see the depth of which the 3D layer exists (not much really) and how much the center, the crystalline vibrational core, is what connects us to our life’s journey.

Once you are connected you will find your path is much clearer and your journey much more enjoyable. I was going to say exciting, but to some people my life might not be exciting. It’s exciting to me because I get to feel that vibration all the time and share it through my love for writing. So enjoyable is good because it brings me happiness, and happiness is everything.

So if you aren’t sure where you need to be, how do you figure it out? First, you must be working on your vibrational being. If you are not excited every day about what you are doing in life, it will be harder to see the signs. So first find out what that is. We all have it inside of us and most of us are completely unaware. Instead we allow our ego to direct us:

I want to live in Hawaii and surf all day
I want to live in Europe as a tour guide
I want to drive in the Indie 500
I want to….

You see? They are all wants, not needs. That’s ego. And sometimes humans change the word to a need instead of want, but the expression is still a want.

For example, the person who NEEDS to surf, surfs anytime and anywhere whether they are in California, Florida or Virginia. Or the person who NEEDS to be a tour guide to share all they know about all the places they have been, starts adding trips to different places in Europe so they can eventually make the connections they need to move to the right city for them and continue to do what they love.

If you have the desire to be somewhere and do something, then you have the desire to do something where you are with what you have in order to start the journey in the right direction. If you go around telling yourself you are stuck where you are because of so and so or such and such, you will never raise your vibration and find your true path. This will have adverse affects on your life as well as those around you.

As a walk-in you know how difficult it can be to stay connected to those of the life before you, especially if they are low vibrational beings. You’ve seen them push you away, even out on the street, because they can’t handle your vibration and don’t want to raise their own. That is a clear sign you are to create a new and wonderful path all your own.

It took me three strokes and homelessness to figure it out, don’t let it take you that long.

The amazing thing is, once you are connected to your calling ~ that which helps you raise your vibration and in turn help others ~ the doors open (and many slam shut behind you, as they should). But once you let go of that calling, or let your mental self take over your way of being, everything gets all nasty feeling again because you have lowered your vibration. It can happen for a moment, or it can stay with you and take you down the rabbit hole.

Also, be OK with where you are right now so you can open that door. I didn’t say accept that where you are is where you will always be! I said just be OK with today. Humans call it living in the moment. Visually it is keeping the mental part of your psyche in check, not letting it fall back into past memories or rush forward into what might be. It’s good to reminisce once in awhile, or think about our dreams of the future, but it is not healthy to hold on to it as if it were a life preserver. This is how some people get over depressed or overly anxious. All they really are, are good benchmarks for you to become aware that you are not balanced and should immediately figure out how to shift your perception to become balanced.

And no it’s not easy for everyone, because so many are too connected to the ego, which again tells you that you are allowing your physical body (ego) to run your life, not your soul. Remember, your soul navigates the body not the other way around. For when it leaves, the body cannot exist on its own. Stay connected to your soul and when a moment of depression or anxiousness comes to call you can easily push it away.

So back to where you live and how to get where you need to be.

As any walk-in or vibrationally conscious being will tell you, it's frustrating to not be able to go where you want to immediately. This 3D experience is very slow for us. However, we have to work with it.

Sometime we have even more obstacles to deal with...

If you are like me and cannot travel (drive, fly, or get motion sickness easily), or find moving difficult, how do you get to the place you are meant to be? If you are connected to your soul, and working on your calling, all you have to do is ask. Ask your guides and Source to create the path that is easiest for you to make the transition to where you need to be. To open the doors to the people who can help you. Now life isn’t always sugar and roses, there are many bumps in the road due to those around you and their disconnect to All That Is, but that is to help them, not to distract you.

So that is what I am doing right now. Trying to find my next place and being disabled and living on a very limited income, I cannot fathom how it’s going to happen ~ so I don’t. I don’t let my ego take me down that road of “oh you will need this, or no you can’t do that” because I’m not the one orchestrating it. If I were, yes those things would be true, but I’m letting All That Is and all those who watch over me in this lifetime set it up for me. So far they have done an amazing job, so I have no doubt they will show me even more miraculous events in the future.

So, remember, there is always a way to get to where you need to be. However, it’s not about “oh if I get to Hawaii then everything will be fine” because that’s a crock. If you don’t have a path to lead you there, you won’t have a journey once you get there.  So start with the journey. What is your calling? What can you do about that now to create the journey?

Start there, then watch the doors open.

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