Sunday, August 25, 2019

Better Together

I'm giving it all I got
Giving it my best shot
Giving it all I got for you
Betting the whole damn farm
Staking my damn heart
Folding all my cards for you

Don't you think we're better together....
I think we are!

Those words are from a song by Praytell called Better Together. Every time I hear that song I think of Sammy and all he has given me, and how grateful I am to have him a part of my world.

Unless you have a service dog that you rely on for your well being and safety it might be difficult to understand that unbreakable bond, but even pet owners can create a solid relationship with their dog that goes beyond the norm. And that is what this site is all about. Anyone can create an amazing bond with their pet if they are willing to put in the effort.

I'm not just talking about training them to understand commands, or the fact that you feed them and give them treats and toys. An amazing relationship goes way beyond that. While the dog became domesticated over 16,000 years ago, they weren't necessarily living inside our homes with us. Even today many dogs are not allowed in the house, keeping man and animal separate. Those who brought the dog into the house learned about the ability to create a relationship. Unfortunately it has taken a long time for the human species to get to the point where they would call their pet a family member. It's going to take many more years before we treat them as equals.

However, once the humans decided to bring the dog inside and treat it as a family member, the whole dynamic changed. Now the dog relies on you for everything. What it can and can't do, when it can and can't eat, when it can go for a walk, and so on. Try for a second to imagine yourself in their would you feel if you had to put your life in someone else's hands all the time. If you've never been disabled, having to rely on others for your needs, it won't come easily.

Now you might think that since I'm an animal communicator I have it easier, and in some ways yes but in other ways it can make it harder. While I can talk to animals, helping you help them, they are also incredibly simplistic compared to the conversational human. Animals say what needs to be said, in the easiest way possible, with only the words necessary to relay their thoughts.

They are also good at only saying what they think you should hear.  

Remember, they love you and want what is best for you and never want to hurt you or your feelings (unconditional love). So often times they will hold back information when I speak to them. They also can block their energy in order for me to not see or feel where they need help healing. They do this for a few reasons, but mainly because they don't want to upset you!

Sammy has done this from time to time during his working years because he didn't want me to worry about him (remember, in his mind he was there to help me with my health and well being not necessarily the other way around). It always turned out to be nothing serious, but just the same he wanted to protect me from needing to care for him. He didn't realize that was my job, to care for him, and that I did it in other ways ~ food, supplements, treats, walks, toys, etc.

Many dogs do not understand healing by humans, especially if the healer isn't communicating with them first (yes there are a lot who don't). So just like a human who doesn't want people touching or grabbing them, doing things to them without their permission, your pet is the same way. So make sure whatever help you get for your pet, whether it be a veterinarian or a animal healer, that they take the time to communicate with your pet first.

It is sad that most people think that other beings in this world (namely animals) do not have souls and do not understand us. Are these people living under a rock? Just look at all the amazing working dogs in the world who help us help ourselves! These animals, as well as our pets, give so much of themselves to us that it is only right we give of ourselves to them.

So that is what we do. Help those that love, live with, work with, and care for pets have a better relationship as well as create an indelible partnership with them. Humans only know what they are taught or told, and with so much false information out there (which in turn ends up harming your pet in the long run), that I believe it is my duty to help educate you. While I am more versed to the canines, I do work with all of the animal kingdom. You name it, I've most likely communicated with it and provided healing for them! For when one decides to follow this path I am on, you realize quickly that all the animals in the world need you at some time in their life.

So here on this site we will both share things with you ~ and yes Sammy does have his own opinion! WE hope to touch on all the things you can do to help your pet, and yourself, have a better life together. And I must warn you, some of the things you read here you might not like to hear. You might object saying "I don't do that!" when you really do, or "I can't do that" when you can you just choose not to. It's all about putting another BEing above yourself.

We do it with our children every day, and so the same is true for our pets. Who really are our children....why else would we adopt them?

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