Monday, July 22, 2019

You Are Manifesting All The Time!

So today I was chatting with a few different people and I was dumbstruck by the idea that so many believe that your soul exists inside your body and not the other way around. I am sure there is a lot of reasons for this kind of perception but it baffles my mind.

Yes I know I see the world a bit different than most, but no where have I read where prophetic scrolls say that the soul exists inside of us. If anything I have read that it exists through us. So keeping that in mind, I want to share with you my perception of the body and soul.

The body is just a vessel. A tool if you will, that the soul creates in order to exist within this 3rd dimensional sphere. It is a means to end in many ways, since it alone creates a timeline for the journey we experience. Our soul does not die, nor does it grow old. Instead, our soul exists through the body in order to be a part of the human experience. If it didn't we couldn't have consciousness as one does not exist without the other. We see it in people that die or even our beloved pets when they are euthanized ~ the light going out of their eyes as the soul departs the vessel.

So we have a soul and we have a vessel. Right? Then how it is that people believe that an infinite consciousness could fit inside a human body? It's impossible! And even if it was, the soul would be in charge of the vessel without any ego (the link that holds the body to the soul). The ego is not a bad thing, it is a tool. Unfortunately there are many people who get too attached to the 3D objects that exist here. They forget those are just here for our comfort, to make life easier to live ~ a roof over our head, food in our stomach, transportation to move us around, and shoes for our feet. However, some believe in worshiping these things so they can get a moment of endorphins that make them feel good. There are many other ways to increase the endorphins, but this seems to be the way of the world now.

Now I'm not saying everyone does this, but I fair say half the population does and that's way too many.

We were created balanced ~ equal vibration part soul to equal vibration part vessel ~ when we are born. Then we learn to experience life and in that experience we are given the ability to stay connected to one more than the other, or remain balanced. Everyone chooses differently.

Don't blame others for your choices, and doesn't ridicule others because you think you chose better. We all make conscious choices every moment of every day of our life. It is those choices that create our life, and in each moment we can chose to change, better our self, or harm our self. The choice is ours and ours alone. We do the best we can with what we have.

The point is, we have more than we realized. For in limiting our thinking that our soul is this tiny spec inside our body that keeps our heart pumping, we loose all the ability to connect to our soul and live a more blessed and balanced life.

So for a moment, close your eyes and envision your soul without your body. If you are like most people you envision it looking just like your body, same size and shape, just less formed (like a hologram). If this is your image, or anything smaller than you need to expand it a bit. Double your size. Now Double it again. And again. And again. And again, until your soul is as large as you can mentally allow it to be. And still you would not be large enough.

The soul is made of energy, an infinite connection to time and space, and All That Is and Ever Will Be. Since most of us cannot visualize how big infinity is, we tend to limit ourselves to what feels safe. What seems to be the norm. When in truth, we are much larger and greater than we could ever imagine.

It's like being inside the Grand Canyon with your body as a vessel and the Grand Canyon's expansiveness as your soul. I have yet to find a piece of art to clearly depict my vision, but perhaps this will help:

In my knowledge the energy around the figure in this picture could be the soul ~ which created the physical form inside of it in order to remain connected to All That Is, so when the time comes to return to the soul the transition is effortless (to the soul) and does not harm the soul. This is how we can live in other dimensions and have other timelines of existence while we are here in the 3D.

We are so expansive we can create anything, including a human vessel.

This is why it is so easy to manifest good and bad things in to our life. The problem is most humans are great at manifesting crap into their life, because it takes no effort. But to manifest something great takes time, effort and BELIEF in receiving whatever it is you NEED to experience or receive. You must help yourself learn the opposite of what you are usually taught ~ that we are not deserving of greatness unless we kill ourselves to make it happen.

If you can remember one thing out of all of this, remember this....that we are here to create a life we want to live. We are only limited by our imagination and our belief in the possibility of creation. Don't believe me? Take a look at your life ~ look back at things that happened in your life "as if out of the blue". Look at your mental state at the time, how you were thinking and acting at the time, because we create what we think. If we think something negative is going to happen it will, but if we start to think the opposite than those things pass us by and do not affect us.

Don't think that's true because it "always happens no matter what I think"? That's because it's what you are thinking and not what you are believing. When you believe you don't deserve better, that this is how it always happens so it won't change, etc. that is what you manifest.

Change your beliefs and you change your life. 

Try it with just one thing. Pick one thing you want to change about yourself or your life. BE REALISTIC! You cannot suddenly believe you deserve a million dollars if you can't manifest a thousand dollars. So start small, even with $20, but don't be surprised if you reach past or fall short of your goal because that is how you learn. That is how you keep growing and creating and living your life.

So next week is the new moon (July 31, 2019, at 11:12 P.M. ET) and it's pretty special. It's called a Black Moon because it is the second new moon in the same month. What better time than to give it a go?!

First, remember that your soul is HUGE and your body so little and insignificant in the process. Then of course, we all know that the moon affects the planet so it stands to reason it affects us.

But the moon works in cycles. On the new moon you create the path for something to come to fruition by the full moon, or even the next new moon in August. Right now when we are between the full and new moon you work on things you want to rid yourself of, so lets start there for the moment.

Think of one thing you want to rid yourself of, whether it be a noisy neighbor or a bad habit (and be realistic in your choice). Without wanting physical or emotional harm to the other person, create a mantra to help them move on/get a headset/etc or help rid you of an unhealthy habit slowly and effortlessly. Then watch over the next few days as the moon continues to wane as the situation changes. Don't hold on to your angst or resentment when doing this, instead think of positive things to replace the negative so the transition can happen.

Then when you use all your love and compassion for yourself and others, believing that your soul is capable of doing this for you, don't be surprised if your situation changes quickly....for the better.

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