Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Evolution of the Soul (ONE)

Today we would like to talk to you about some misconceptions you have as a third world human being. We understand that you have these conceptions because it is what you are taught or told and so you have no other source of reference. Unfortunately you are a very disadvantaged planet living with many constraints, either visible or invisible to you.

We thought we would start at the beginning of your soul. 

When you come into existence and are ‘created’ you spend much time with what you might refer to as ancient ancestors in order to understand what they are, how they will become, what the ultimate purpose of their life is, and so on. They are educated, in a sense, buy those who are at the end of their existence, ready to return back into that which you refer to as source energy. Those who have religious beliefs might refer to it as their God.

If you see a correlation here to that of the evolution of the human vessel, you would be correct.

Once a soul is ready to evolve through the process of “lifetimes”, it will incarnate an essence of itself into a vessel of consciousness on the plane of existence that is best for their chosen experience. They do not determine this alone, and oftentimes they must allow another essence of them self to go into an alternate reality from time to time during their incarnation in order to help teach them their higher self (soul) the better path to take. This is done in a higher dimension in order for that life’s experience to move much more quickly. Then when the more difficult lesson is being learned you will experience a flash of alternate insight. In the third world this is called DejaVu.

We believe you would refer to this term as it means “already seen”. So your soul has already seen the experience (been here, seen this, heard that…) and is trying to connect to your conscious self to go inside your soul and listen for the right answers to that which you are seeking. Unfortunately humans tend to think that it is in that moment that they experience DejaVu it is irrelevant, possibly a glimpse into a past life, but they would be mistaken. It means that at that moment you were connected enough to the entire experience (which could happen over days, weeks, or even months) to hear your soul talking to you! Saying “wait, look at the big picture, see everything for what is really is, not what you want it to be.” All so you can make better choices in life, even if the choices at the time might not feel like the right one. 

Hard choices are rarely easy.

This is not something that happens once or twice to your soul, but it happens all the time. It is especially important for those who choose to exist in the third world dimension and have difficulty understanding that they are able to exist in the paradox that is 3D/4D/5D. While you may move freely between them in the third world, it is the 3D (man made objects, thoughts or beliefs) that can keep you from realizing this ability.

So you think you must pull your energy down into the 3D and make your decisions form there. When in reality, you must hold on to that 5D DejaVu moment, hear in your heart the right choice/decision, and walk that path. For when you follow the right choice, even if your ego tells you otherwise, you will find the right answers and a better life. The ego says “no over here, do this, this is what you know already”, and that will never help your soul evolve throughout your lifetime. Instead you should listen to our higher self (soul) and follow the path that says “this is the right way, the new way, the better way”.

So many humans are stuck in a repetitive pattern of “if it’s not broke, it doesn’t need to be fixed” or “it works just fine, why change it”? In truth, you are just allowing yourself and your world to remain stagnant. To repeat past mistakes over and over again. And then you wonder why nothing changes. It is because each of you as individuals are not changing your own ways. For your world around you is a reflection of your progress, or lack of progress.

So many of you are looking for someone else to fix what is wrong, from your own life, that of your children’s lives, to your community, to that of your government. The more you do for your own life, follow the right path, live from the heart and not the head, the easier life is. You call this “taking the untraveled road in life”. However, it is not the untraveled road, it is just the road you are unfamiliar with. Since life is what you make of it, doesn’t it make sense to take the unfamiliar path? The one you will learn the most from…

So today we hope you will listen more to your inner self. Allow yourself time in those 5D moments to reflect on the world around you, the life you're living, while holding in your heart where you want to be. For you are getting insight each and every day on how to get where you want to be.

Think about where you want to be in 5 years. Write it down. Then look at that and decide where you want to be 3 years in order to fulfill that dream. Then look at it again and decide where you need to be in 1 year to make it all happen. Now look at your life today and decide what you can do right now to get on that path and make it all happen.

This is no trick, it actually works, but only if you allow yourself to dream beyond what you see around you today. Remember, it is not what is happening “out there” that is most important. It is what you are doing, how you are acting, and the steps you are taking right now within your circle of life that creates a ripple effect to the rest of the world.

What ripple effect are you creating? What do you want to be creating? Once you are more certain about yourself, your path, your goals, your dreams, your future accomplishments, then and only then will you find your path in life.

The answer is always inside of you, never outside of you.

And so as you live a lifetime you learn and grow and evolve. Each time you return Home you review your experiences and lessons and decide how you could have done something better. This helps you create better lessons, and better lifetimes, to experience.

If you were unaware, Home is what we refer to as our time between incarnations. 

We do not just incarnate on earth, but from many different planets in many different galaxies, within many different universes. We do this through many different dimensions. One is not better than another, however we have determined that right now on what you call planet earth, the lowest vibration of incarnate life exists. It has not always been this way, and it will not always be this way, it is just this way right now. This is why so many souls have opted to exchanges. This is when an adult human vessel is still viable to live on many more years but the soul that created it is dying (and will create an exit through illness or accident). So someone from the soul’s family at Home steps in to allow them to transition without harm, while they walk in to continue the previous souls purpose OR create an entirely new one for them self. This does not just happen on your planet in your world, it happens all the time everywhere. However, the lower the dimensional vibration the harder it can be for the soul to release itself from the vessel it has created. This is why they will create situations or disease that will help them disengage. The higher the vibrational dimension, the easier the transition is, causing the least amount of trauma to both the soul leaving and the soul entering.

Their is this misconception in humans, especially humans following religions, that a soul is only incarnate once and then returns to source. However, your religious teaching left out one important factor, and that is you could never learn everything your soul needs in order to evolve back into source (God) with just one lifetime. Really, take a good look at your life, your entire life, and tell us if you think you are a completely evolved soul?  We suspect not.

So while part of what you learn in your teachings are true, some parts are not and some have been removed through man’s ego to create the life someone wanted for you, not the life you want to create for yourself. So our hope is that you will allow your teachings to guide you, but for your true essence to open you up to the truth. And the truth is much more than what exists in your human vessels vision of right now.


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