Thursday, July 18, 2019

Navigating Through Astrological Chaos

I hear a lot of people talk down about astrology, but when you look at astrology with astronomy there's something to be said for having that kind of knowledge.

I think astrology gets a bad rap because all most people know about it is from what they read in their horoscope (sun sign), that it somehow depicts our personality showing who we are supposed to be,  or that we are going to turn into maniacs because theirs a full moon or mercury went retrograde. In truth, the planets magnetic pull on earth does affect our planet, which in turn affects us; and where the planets are when we are born does have some affect on our personality, but that's where it ends.

The planets in general, as well as the moon and the sun, have major affects on this planet so in turn those can affect us personally. Especially today, where so many people are in an emotional cauldron almost ready to boil over. Then when we have some major planetary action going on, like we do right now, our cauldron explodes!

This is where some small knowledge of astrological events can actually help you navigate your life better. 

Like right now, where we are having a huge cluster of planets in retrograde (slowing down their positive energy that ultimately affects earth), a full moon lunar eclipse last week, and Mercury (which greatly effects communication on this planet) went into retrograde earlier this month.

Think of it this way, you invited 5 friends to dinner. You know these people really well because you have been connected with them for your entire life. Suddenly they all call and say they are bring a friend so now you are expecting 10 people and much chaos in your tiny apartment. But you can do it, you've been warned so you can plan ahead ~ move the sofa over there, pull the table out to here, etc. Then when they show up you realize those people have now invited friends of their own, people you don't know and frankly wish hadn't come to the party but what can you do? Here we all are crammed into your tiny apartment with everyone trying to get along.

What could go wrong?

Everything could go wrong, because now you have all this chaos going on in your space (i.e. earth) with all these other people (i.e. planets) and not enough food to feed everyone (i.e. energy). Some people will get the food they need, others will not and become fatigued and cranky and by the end of the night you push them all out the door (i.e. at the end their planetary cycle) and wish you had been able to prevent this from happening.

Well you can, because if you at least know something about what is coming you can prepare yourself and your actions around it. However, if you are not aware, walk blindly through life, then you will get knocked down (physically, emotionally, or even energetically) over and over again.

You don't need to be an astrologist, or take an astrology course, you just need to know a good astrologer and heed the warnings he or she gives. Because a good astrologer isn't trying to 'predict the future', instead they are trying to share their knowledge of the planets with you so that you can make your own future better.

For example, whenever Mercury is Retrograde (which usually is for 6 weeks, three times a year) I know that it is not time to initiate contracts, buy anything mechanical, move, initiate new projects, start a new business venture, buy a house, or even finalize a divorce. Of course life must go on and sometimes we must do these things during Mercury Retrograde, so we just know that it might not be the best deal, might end up paying more, not living exactly where we want to be (for the length of the lease, at least), something might break, that clause might affect you more than you think, or that car might be a lemon. When you go in knowing their may be a glitch, you might have the fortitude to work around it.

So what do you do when Mercury is Retrograde? Now it is time to review, research, read, reevaluate, make progress on projects you have already started, or work on your internal self. Believe it or not I have always found that when Mercury begins slowing down (the first week of it being in 'retrograde'), it is a great time to go inside and connect with my true self. I find that when Mercury's energy has started slowing down that I am able to hear myself better, and in turn work through the next few weeks more connected to All That Is.

For when you are connected, you flow through life.

Some people do this without realizing they are doing it. That is because they know internally what to do and when to do it (i.e. they follow their gut instinct without second guess themselves), because they have been doing it like that for so long. And some of those people don't even correlate it with planetary influences, but luckily they are so connected to the energies around them they are able to move through life more easily.

Then there are those who are so disconnected that when someone mentions something that appears to be negative, like mercury retrograde, they go into mental overdrive and over think things creating bad outcomes.

There is also something to be said for knowing to much.

Those that know to much tend to play the blame game, doing whatever they want whenever they want to (i.e. not connected to themselves, let alone the energy of the world around them). These people tend to be the drama kings and queens of the world. Over dramatic about the simplest things in life, making mountains out of molehills, and trying to bring everyone down around them. They are the ones post all the negative crap on social media about 'coming events' like the full moon or an eclipse, trying to scare everyone else into their cesspool of chaos. Seeing the negative instead of the positive.

Leave the Negative Nancy's to themselves and move in your own way with the all the knowledge you need to flow through the obstacles of life.

I am not going to teach you about astrology, for I am not an astrologer. However, I will share with you who I rely on to help me navigate my life. My resources are three different astrologers, and that is because I prefer to have three different perspectives. Each month I print out the free monthly report from Astrology Zone, read through it and mark on my calendar any days I might want to work around or with regarding anything important going on in my life. Then throughout the month I go to other resources when I feel I need a better explanation or more information on what to expect and how I can work with the planetary energies coming my way.

The podcast Astro Energy is something I like to listen to for nuggets of information throughout the month. And I also like to read or listen to videos of what Moon Woman has to say as she also uses a shamanic approach in life. So there are three resources for you to begin your research with. Find whomever works for you, and be certain it's someone who can speak in layman's terms so don't feel you are being talked over.

So what do I do during astrological mayhem? The same things I always do, however I won't be initiating any new projects, buying anything mechanical, signing any contracts, or speaking without thinking about the outcome first. Instead I will be working, writing, cooking (something I love to do), and reading. For this is the time of gathering information so that I can create something wonderful on the next New Moon, which by chance happens to be a Black Moon. This means it is a second new moon in the same month (whereas a Blue Moon is a second full moon in the same month). It does not happen often, so I look at it as a wonderful opportunity for building something great.

These few days are a good time to lay low, tie up loose ends, finish projects already started, and allow what doesn't serve you to leave your path for good.

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