Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Have You Found Your Life Purpose?

It’s not that difficult, if you would just let your ego step aside.

I don’t know why this topic is so popular, because it’s really not that hard to find your purpose in life. The hard part is convincing yourself to follow it.

It’s also known as your calling. Unfortunately so many people don’t follow their souls path because they are stuck in their head afraid of what others might think, or they don’t know how so they just give up before even starting.

I am a psychic medium, medical intuitive and animal communicator. I love what I do, but I also love to write. I love to write because it gives me the ability to share my thoughts to help you help yourself. That’s what a writer does. We don’t write for ourselves, we write for you the reader. We want something in our words to change your perspective about something in your world that is holding you back. We want you to see things differently for a moment so that something in your life can shift.

I know several people who showed incredible gifts as a child only to be told they couldn’t make a living at it. That’s the crux of it isn’t it? We are listening to people we shouldn't be listening to. I know your parents have every best intention, but in truth they (or anyone else who tells you not to follow your passion in life) is just placing their fears on you.

Did you get that? 

All the negative crap they try to tell you is about them not you. And yes I know it’s hard not to listen to them, but you could always find a compromise, right? You could have continued it as a hobby, until that hobby paid the bills, but you wouldn’t. And here you are thinking it’s too late.

Well you would wrong, very wrong! It’s never too late! 

I met a man a few years back that at the age of 65 went back to school to learn to be a cartoonist. Yes, apparently there is a degree for that in the creative arts.  He used to draw cartoons as a teenager and everyone told him he should pursue that for a profession, but he found a “job” in construction at 17 and followed that path right up to management.

However it was hard on the body and mind and at 60 he was in ailing health. After three heart attacks he was just giving up until we met. I gave him a message from spirit about how he could easily reclaim his life once he reclaimed his purpose. He wasn’t happy with that because he couldn’t see the path, but his life was a shamble and he didn’t know how to fix it. So I told him to ask God to put a sign in his path, a really big sign so he could see how this could happen.  Two weeks later I got an email saying he had signed up for a course at the local college that was free to seniors. He wouldn’t receive a grade, but he would get his feet wet to see if this is something he was still interested in. And the rest, as they say, is history.

He is 72 now and doing what he loves. He works as a cartoon creator for businesses making a cartoon out of their work to get them media attention. It took a few years, but after letting go of his need for working a 9 to 5 job and having whatever the next new gadget was, he found he could easily live off his “hobby”.  But more than that, he changed his vibration. He was no longer afraid of dying, in fact he doesn’t think about it anymore. Instead his heart is stronger than ever and he is thrilled in what he has created that will be left behind when he is gone.

And that is the crux of it. It’s all about what you will leave behind. Will you be a high vibrational being, doing what they love (even if starts out as a hobby for the shift to happen), or a low vibrational angry grumpy sickly unhappy person? Who wants to leave that behind? Actually, who wants to take that with them?

You don’t just suddenly not have those emotions when your body dies. You have to deal with all that crap before you can get to the good place. Have you ever seen the movie What Dreams May Come? The part where Robin Williams is looking for his wife in the dark place? It’s not so melodramatic, but it’s a good reminder that you do take it with you when you go. If you take too much of the darkness, you need to work through it to get to the light again.

Do you really want to have to do that?

So the joy in finding your purpose and starting to work with it is that it raises your vibration and then the doors open.  The problem most people have, especially walk-ins, is that thing called the ego. It’s there attached to the physical to make it easier for the body to stay attached to the soul. It’s like a barometer of sorts, where if you get too attached to the physical plane (creating low vibrations) then there are signs in your personality to get your attention. Unfortunately if we are to consumed with the physical we get all caught up in it mentally and get on that merrygoround of mental anguish. Or so we tell ourselves.

In truth, we only have to change our perspective in order to change our life. So when you see things are not going well for you, step back and take a look at what you are doing with your life. How are you living? Are you surrounded by stuff? Are you surrounded by negative people? Are you joyful?

If you aren’t joyful and wondering how to find the joy in life again, it’s not that hard. First, sit with your eyes closed and take some deep breaths. This will help lower your blood pressure and allow your thoughts to be more clear. Then try to remember the last time you were happy. I mean truly happy! Even if you have to go back 30 years, do it. Let your mind take you back to that time. See what it was that made it so joyful. Who was with you? What were you doing? What was around you?

If you go back to a loved one who is deceased and get upset because you think that is what is missing in your life, stop yourself because it’s not. People bring joy to our lives, yes, but they are not the only reason we have joy in our life. Perhaps you always wanted to be like that person but didn’t turn out that way? Then look at the characters that person had and see how you can change yourself to have those characters. Not to duplicate that person, but to learn from them.

Then look beyond the person to where you were, what you were doing, and what was going on in your life at the time. What did you do for fun? What made you happy? Try adding more of that in your life. Not exactly like it was then, but how it can be now. There is your path, there is your journey, just hold it in your heart and let your soul lead the way. Not your head.

Things won’t happen for you spontaneously, but they will happen and you will change….for the better….if you let it. If you embrace it and choose love and joy over the mundane, or doing what you think you should do instead of what you are here to do. Let go of the anger and hostility of life right now, and find your bliss.

It’s there, it’s waiting for you so why not reach for it? Who knows, life just might make a turn in a new direction allowing you to create the life you always wanted but were afraid to have.

All it takes is one step at a time.

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