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Walking Into Something New (ONE)

This discussion is going to be focused more towards those who are defined as a walk-in. Someone who is living a life due to a soul transfer. However we hope that everyone can benefit from today’s transmission. 

We started the discussion on walk-in’s in a previous post, but we have received a lot of feedback by many wanting to understand this topic more. So we thought we should give you a better perspective on this type of incarnation. Because that is what it is, an incarnation. Even your human language states this as being so.

t doesn’t matter whether you grew inside a womb to get into your world, or you exchanged souls later in life. They are both ways of incarnating into a new and different world of existence. This is why so many who walk into a new life, instead of starting as a child through birth, find it so confusing as first. Just as a new born child is given the time to adjust to this new place of being, so should any walk-in. You wake up from an illness or accident to all these memories and all these connections that you think are yours, but you just don’t feel connected to what is around you now.

WE believe this is where you initially fail yourself.

Not fail as a negative thing, but fail as in making your existence more difficult to navigate. Whether you walked in twenty years or two days ago, you must allow yourself time and space to get familiar with your surroundings, not just the people around you. You must first get assimilated to being in the third world, and you do this by connecting to that which is NOT made by man. For you are not just existing in the 3D, you are existing in a time and space continuum that allows for you to move between 3D, 4D and 5D simultaneously.

This means you should spend a lot of time connecting to nature, animals, trees, air, water, and the climate (warm, cold and neutral temperatures). Then you must connect to how all this makes your body feel: taste, touch, smell, feel, and sight. Do not over rely on one sense or you will make it difficult to create enough balanced energy to exist there.

The reason for this is to help you shake off the memories and feelings of the previous soul (automatically left behind and attached to the human vessel through dna). Some of you will remember a lot of the natal soul’s previous life, some will remember nothing, and then most of you are somewhere in the middle. You remember somethings, but not everything, and that is the most beneficial place to be.

Now if you are one of the many who have little to no memories of the natal souls life, and you are thinking of amnesia as something that takes away all your memories, you would be correct.

However, amnesia doesn’t take away everything. 

For most who suffer from amnesia, through their walk in experience, they lose memories. Memories are human experiences created by emotion. SO it would stand to reason that those memories of the natal soul really having nothing to do with you and your life moving forward. You may hold on to a relationship or two ~ souls you are connected to beyond the third world, but most will subside and move away. The quicker you realize this, the easier it is for you to let go and allow that to happen naturally.

Often times we see walk-in’s doing their best to stay attached to those in the life of the natal soul even when they see they must move away from them. This is a human condition called fear of the unknown. And yet if you connected to your true self and saw your body as just a vessel with skills and abilities to utilize on your journey, you would turn your thoughts around and allow those who do not need to be in your life to walk away.

Yes, it is the most difficult thing to do, through a third world perception, but remember it’s just a perceived ideal that was taught to the natal soul. Not the ideals you have brought with you.

That is why you came to live life through the vessel you have chosen: for the abilities and connections to what is needed to fulfill your journey. Some of you call it a blueprint or chosen path, but with your narrow thoughts you feel this means you are either destined to do something great, and end up creating fear; or you must do something in a certain way, again creating fear (while all that fear will do is block you from your true path).

This is not true.

You do come with a creation. Something you want to give to this world and those souls who exist in it to help them navigate beyond the depths of only seeing in 3D, to a more profound visualization of 4D or 5D. However you do not come with fear, for this is something you create by through man made beliefs.

So looking back on your vessel, can you detach from it for a moment?

Look at it as something outside of you, like you do a car or a boat or a plane? Often times humans put too much emphasis on how they and others see their vessel, and not enough on how that vessel is working for them.

The human vessel is something you use to get you where you need to go physically and mentally. However, you must maintain that vehicle by giving it adequate fuel, movement, rest, and internal/external care including the electrical system (brain) of the vehicle. The same is true for the human vessel. You must give it food (fuel), movement (exercise), rest (sleep), and internal care (meditation, external discussions, education, brain exercises) and external care (clothes, shoes, hat, gloves, coat, umbrella, soap, moisturizer, etc). When your focus is not balanced, maintaining the vessel’s needs equally, systems will start to break down. Typically this begins with the psyche and moves on to create physical ailments.

For a walk-in, being catapulted into a human vessel can be very disturbing, even jarring, if it is done through a traumatic event. The traumatic event is created to allow you time to just rest and adjust to being there in the third world, but sometimes the circumstances around the life of the previous soul can seem suffocating. For you are walking into a life that was at a low level of vibration in order for the transition to take place (for the natal soul to be able to release itself from the vessel without death of the vessel needing to occur).

It is very important to know that you are not expected to drop into the new body and take off running! Some of you do this and end up with mental difficulties, an illness, or eventually having to realize you took off on the wrong path. So by taking it slow, taking in your environment, determining the vibration level you need to be now, you allow yourself the strength to heal and grow and remember your journey.

Easier said than done, we know…

That is why you need to know that wherever you are right now is the right place to for you to begin your journey. Waiting for the right time, place, job, and so forth is you allowing fear (i.e. procrastination) to control your existence while keeping you from your journey. So today is the day to look at what your journey holds for you, what you feel you are here to do with your time, and how you would like to go about doing it.

You see no one comes to be president. No one comes to be a doctor or a lawyer. Instead one comes to share their abilities with others by providing  healing (doctor, nurse, musician, artist, shaman), knowledge (professor, scientist, preacher, writer, instructor), protection (lawyer, policeman, fireman, activist), or structure (farmer, engineer, builder, etc).  Remember, it is through your abilities that you provide for others when they need your help, who in turn provide for you in your time of need.

Your world has, within the last three or four decades, slowly moved away from being connected to each other and instead have become separate. You live farther and farther away from friends and family, and your false ideal of what is important in life has caused significant harm to your mind and body. Creating more and more distance between your vessel and your soul.

So today we ask that you sit with yourself. 

Your ego’s importance will flash before you, but do not attached to it. Let it go by and allow yourself to breath in a rhythmic fashion between your thought of breathing and your body actually breathing. Many of you will find that you inadvertently hold your breath. This is a sign you are not in tune with your vessel. Just as a car must spark the engine to start (and allow the vehicle to move), it is just as important to have a spark between your body and soul, through your heart, to allow for a smooth journey.

So while some are standing in fear of the unknown, there are those that fear if they do nothing they will somehow implode this existence and never fulfill their mission (i.e. reason for walking in to their current vessel) so they run full steam ahead to whatever they believe they are to do. Unfortunately without the proper time to adjust to what was the previous soul, what dna exists inside the human vessel (memories), and what the new soul is bringing in, you will think you are moving forward when in reality you are running in circles (energetically speaking). This will just exhaust you mentally and create the “illusion” of “I want to go home” or “I want to live like I used to” (typically your last life in a star system unlike the one you are in).

All this to say that you can easily get turned around, confused, lost, disconnected, and when all else fails you can inadvertently walk out for another to come in (die through your human vessel from a fatal accident, disease, or suicide). And yes, the latter happens more often than you are aware.

So we hope you will take heed and look at all of you, not just your soul and not just your vessel. For they must work in unison if you are to create joy, peace, love and happiness within your own personal journey. Once you know what your here to do, then decide how you would like to do it for that is the gift of free will. You can choose how to heal, how to teach, how to protect, or how to create structure. This is where you take the abilities you have brought with you, the abilities of the vessel you reside in, and the soul’s journey to create a live well lived.

No one said it would be easy, but it can be full of more joy, love, peace and happiness if you allow it to be. 

Until next time,


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