Monday, June 17, 2019

Have You Been Here Before? (ONE)

There is this thing that happens to humans in the third world that they don’t realize is happening. They pass it off as a feeling, a hunch, and even say it’s from a past life experience. 

And they all would be completely wrong. 

Humans call this thing DejaVu, the French word for  “I’ve already seen this”. Sadly humans try to correlate it to something outside of themselves. When in truth it is something very deep inside of them trying to remind them of something they need to remember.

WE see humans distance themselves from this feeling they have, or memory, or whatever term you want to use for it, all the time. That is because they think that what is distant from them is unaffected by them, or they are unaffected by it. Sadly this is not true and it is happening more often in your third world existence.

So what does this term DejaVu really mean?

Simply put, it means “been there, done that, what lesson didn't I learn then that I don’t want to repeat now?

It doesn’t mean a past life, instead it means you have experienced this moment before in an alternate reality. An alternate reality is a place where your soul creates experiences for a short amount of time, in a higher dimension than that of the incarnate soul who will experience the DejaVu. Similar to acting out a scene in a play with your friends before the actual performance on stage with your fellow actors.

It doesn't mean you need to re-experience it in the same way. In fact, you don’t want to! When you experience DejaVu it is a reminder to stop, breath, connect to your inner being, and make the better decision. So you should take a step back and see the big picture of whatever is going on in your life. For when that moment of recollection comes it’s not ‘that moment’ that you are remembering that’s important. It is that your soul is reminding you that your soul remembers and it has the right step to take next, and that you don’t need to learn it all over again.

Unfortunately many incarnate humans dismiss this. 

In fact there are many who will read this and dismiss it as false based on their man made beliefs. You will say that you know this DejaVu was from a past life, to which we will say “Ok, but why are you still repeating the same experience?” You may have tried to experience a lesson in a past life, without success, so you are obviously trying to experience it again in a better way.

So the question is how many alternate realities have you needed to learn it in the incarnate vessel?

WE understand it is hard to exist in the third world and the ability to think you are better, more important, there to do great things, will often supersede your ability to know the truth.

And the truth is you are there for each other. 

Yes, you are there to connect on a physical level, but this is secondary to any incarnation. You are there to connect on a soul level in a human vessel. And when you forget that, your soul must continue to create these alternate realities in order to help you get back on track.

SO when you get that feeling like you’ve been someplace before, said that sentence before, or experienced that emotion before, you have! Now take a step back and ask your higher self why!

Why am I still experiencing this? 

What can I do different so that I can move past the lesson. 

For there are millions of experiences to be had while incarnate, and continuously repeating the past will stop you from moving forward on your journey.

WE are in the midst of transmitting another article, that is going to be a bit long, on the evolution of the soul, in the hope that it will help you better understand this topic, as well as yourself and your ultimate purpose of being a soul. We hope to have you that in a few more days.


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