Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Managing Relationships (ONE)

Today we would like to speak to you about relationships.

First you must remember that we are all connected by a source that is infinite. 

So if we are all connected to the source of infinity we are all connected to each other. You might visualize this as a grid. Imagine for a moment all the souls of infinity standing side by side, then zoom out your visual lens to see just small black dots. Zoom out even further and you will see only those dots as one with no white space separating them. This is because everything is a perception to where you are in the world, so that how you see things now can help you better see things tomorrow. So remember, how you are seeing things ~ individual beings with space between them ~ isn’t always how they really are.

This seems to be a very difficult concept for incarnate humans to understand, because you tend to separate yourself from everything around you, including other beings.  And while this can be considered a “third world thing” it is not an infinite human being thing. First and foremost, you are an infinite being. You just choose to only see your side of things, so you only feel your own reaction to what is happening around you. At the same time you do see what is happening to others and tend to flip the situation so you are seeing yourself as worse or better than others to avoid feeling the truth being presented to you. We are not condemning you with our words, just stating the actions we see and how harmful they can be to you, others, and your existence there.

There are times when you do feel and act connected. A parent with their newborn child and a child with their dying parent. While you see these as extremes in your life, they are truly the most connected times of your life, for it is when you slow down and disengage from the chaos of the third world semantics and see the truth staring back at you that you understand the human experience. Everyone is taught as a child the logistics of life from those who have lived before them. However there is a point in ones growth where a child is able to think for them self, ask questions, seek knowledge, and form their own opinions. Humans think they are stuck in this cycle of being just like their mother or father, when that is exceptionally false thinking. That is their cycle, not yours. So when children are encourage to ask questions, explore to find answers, and seek out other people's ideas in order to come to their own conclusions, then they are able to become connected to their true path. Not repeat someone else's.

Their seems to be a strange belief among humans in the third world that says you are either destined for some kind of greatness in this world, you are destined to suffer, or you are destined to repeat history. You readily accept these fates and then dismiss the ability to make great change in your life by saying you do not have free will. 

We suspect that in doing so you do not know what free will really is, or even what being incarnate means to the greater good. Free will is the will to choose freely. It is not free reign to do whatever it is you want to do without consequence, because there are more souls than you existing in this world. Your actions affect others, unfortunately even those who think they are creating good actions are sometimes looking at life through the filter of the ego’s negative aspect. SO free will is there to help you make better choices for yourself (and eventually others, since there is alway a ripple effect to your actions), not to allow you to wreak havoc with the universe.

Also, being incarnate is not a given, instead it is a gift. 

You chose to become incarnate, you chose the body you are inhabiting, and you create a way to accomplish a journey (plan/blueprint/idea) for yourself to experience in this lifetime. It is not something to make you famous, rich, or powerful. In fact those things, when strived for and looked at as important, can make it even harder for you to exist in the third world, and to remember your journey. And yes, you can remember your soul’s ideas, plans, and path in life. In fact most of you are doing just that without realizing it. It is those that are so connected to things outside of them self that find it difficult to remember.

How do you remember?

It sounds trite, but close your eyes for a moment. Breath in and out. Silence your mind by allowing your immediate (and often stressful)  thoughts to pass by (there will be many so just keep letting go of them and allowing them to move past you). Keep breathing, focusing only on breathing for 7 inhalations and 7 exhalations (this will limit the stressful thoughts floating by). That’s it. It only takes 2 minutes. And yes, no matter how busy your ego tells you that you think you are to keep you from doing this, you always have 2 minutes. If 2 minutes is to much do 1 minute, or 30 seconds. It’s important to do it, as you will see why in a moment...

Do this before you turn on the car engine. 

Do this before you pick up your kids from school.

Do this whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Do this before you fall asleep. 

Do this before you speak or touch someone or something.

It will help you slow down the blood flow to your brain, help you reconnect to your soul, and bring you back in flow with your ideas that are tucked deep inside your subconscious. Often it is the stress, which creates the opportunity for the blood to flow faster through your body, that doesn’t allow the brain to slow down and connect.

Sounds simple to do, but until you start making a plan to do this as consistently as possible you will remain chaotic. For it is not fair to hold in your anger until you speak to your spouse/friend/parent/ child so you can unload all your angst onto them, even when you tell yourself you are just discussing what happened or needed to talk about it when in truth you wanted to unload your negative thoughts onto someone else so you can feel better about yourself.

But how can you feel better about doing that when all you will do is create alienation between you?

It’s important to remember that in those moments you are not talking about it, you are releasing it and causing all your negative energy to be pushed onto another living being. Now they must figure out how to deal with it, possibly by causing even greater harm to another living breathing being. All because you couldn’t take 2 minutes to decompress and reconnect to what is truly importantly, which most likely is not what you are holding in.

And this is why you must do right by you. 

This is how you help others you are in relationships with, or hoping to have relationships with. Relationships are not two fold, or three fold, but one fold. It is all about you doing your part in this journey to keep yourself calm and connected on your journey that helps you have better relationships with others. By saying it is a 50/50 thing ~ you each much give 50 percent, you do a disservice to yourself and others.

It is a 100/100 thing, nothing more and definitely nothing less.

Remember, their are energetic principles at play in your third world so what one emits is what one receives back, just not necessarily at the same frequency (force). For that could eliminate your life much to quickly and provide you with no opportunity to find wisdom while incarnate.

WE hope we have given you something to contemplate today. Something to help you have a better journey in this third world you are living in.

Until next time,


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