Friday, May 3, 2019

Finding Your Own Kind Of Magick

There was a time when YouTube was full of amazing spiritual practitioners sharing their craft. Then it seemed that overnight many of the great teachers and storytellers just vanished! Poof ~ gone like they never existed. 

Then YouTube was suddenly full of very young people sharing what they call "wisdom" that they have garnered in their twenty something years on the planet.

Now granted, some of them are great at sharing and learning without the ego (other's, not so much...), however, one resounding theme that I find in those trying to find their own spiritual practice is that they get consumed into one thing or even on deity and believe that to be the only way. Then when things aren't working out they get frustrated and ricochet back into the world of chaos they were in before, making their life even more confusing.

Life is a flow, so when you reach an obstacle or have learned all you can from one source, it's time to ask the universe to show you the next open door. The next tool or spiritual teacher you can learn from. For when you allow yourself to throw up your hands and give up, you are erasing all the good you have done. True, you may come back to it shortly, but many don't. And in walking away you have altered the course of your life. The life you have been working at manifesting all this time.

Instead, see just the obstacle and not a road block that you can't get through. A place to sit and rest in order to determine how to go around it. There is always a solution for your problem, and their is always a way to manifest what you need to help you. The problem is, most people want the easy road. And I'm here to tell you, the easy road is much more difficult than any obstacle you need to go around. For when we are on the easy road we get complacent. And when we are too complacent we don't listen to our inner self. And when we do not listen to our inner self, the boulder comes down road and flattens us, forcing us to learn everything we needed to know all over again.

Besides, life is a journey not a destination. If you are looking for a destination, you will get hit with the boulder and that will be your destination. Instead, follow the flow and if the flow dams up sit it out for a day or two while watching for the next door to open, or the next teacher to appear.

I have had many teachers in my lifetime. I began with Buddhism in my teens and, after wandering through my spiritual life learning and growing in almost every spiritual way, I made my way back to Buddhism again in my mid 40's. However, at the age of 50 I was skating along in life loosing my way every day. The ice kept getting thinner and thinner every day and I finally gave out. It took an actual boulder to change my course in life, to show me the chaos I had allowed in, and to help me clear it all out so that I could see a new and better path to travel on. Seven years later I have found a new balance. A new way of being and a better way of living.

I'm not saying my way is your way, but maybe what I know I can share with you and help you find your own path. My spiritual practice is my own. Yours should be your own. I take tools for different beliefs, ways to keep be connected to my soul (higher self), things that I resonate with that help me leave the chaos on the other side of the door.

I do not think that any one belief system works in this world anymore. We are and the end of our evolution as a species, but we are not a the end of our evolution of growing and learning. Science and Religion are being to collide the more open minded we are the more we find we need our own spiritual practice in our own sacred space. Those things that are for show, the temples and churches, will be relics once day. A reminder of how man got so far away from himself that he needed someone to tell him what to believe and how to believe.

I am certain I will return to this earth again one day and find the evolution from chaos to calm. Religion to Enlightenment. And I hope to help as may people as I can find that path for themselves now so that they can be part of the change we need to be in the world.

So how do you find what you need? How do you create your own spiritual path? 

That's easy, pick up a book. Watch a documentary. Reach out to a friend who believes in things you want to learn about. Anyone truly on their spiritual path would love to share their life with you. So learn and grown and find what calls to you (leaving the rest behind). For me, the first thing I did when I opened the door to this path in my life was to create an altar. That's just a fancy word for a small space (table top, mantel, bookshelf, filing cabinet top, etc) to place on their what you want to connect with.

Some want to connect to their ancestors, so they have pictures of deceased family members. Others have deities that depict things they want to bring to their life (Hanuman = Strength/courage, Buddha/Jesus = Enlightenment, Ganesha = Removes Obstacles, etc), or even things that depict the elements of life (earth, air, water, fire). Whatever you put on it has to resonate with you, not your thoughts of what you think it should look like.

And altars change all the time! Either for the seasons, holidays (spiritual or otherwise), or to represent the things that are happening in our life right now. We can even have an altar to manifest something we need in our life. For me, I stick to simple things on my altar. Right now it has a simple crystal grid (for healing/calming with clear quartz, rose quartz, and blue lace agate), a dream catcher (to remove bad thoughts), and things that represent the elements: driftwood and rocks for earth, paintings on the rocks depict air and water, and a tealight candle for fire.

Now I might decide do a ceremony and change it up for what it is I am working on (about myself, my life, my path). More on that in another post, but for now you can check out this post and learn about some tools I use for my own spiritual practice. Tools that you might want in your life as well.

So stay in the flow and learn as you go. 

Don't try to get to the finish line. Don't try to make your altar perfect. Don't think you need to be enlightened right now. Don't think life is going to be perfect, because it's not. It's gong to be messy and full of lessons, but if you see it for what it is and allow yourself to move past it you will see that life can be pretty amazing.

For when you hold on to your obstacles, thinking they are all you have in life, you just keep running around the same flagpole never stopping to take a breath. You never learn the lesson so you can move on to something better in life. I know people who, after 20 or even 30 years of learning the same lesson over and over again (with the signs getting bigger and bigger, and sometimes more painful) still can't let go of what no longer serves their soul.

Remember, you are a soul living in a vessel in the 3D. Not the other way around. So it is you the soul that navigates your life, unless you allow that 3D skeleton to take over. Then you just need to take back the reigns and look for the next sign to lead you through the next door.

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