Monday, April 8, 2019

The Tribe Speaks (ONE)

Welcome to the doorway to your future self. 

We want to help you to understand who you really are, why you are here on earth in the third world, and how you can help yourself (and others) release the chaos you are holding inside and help shift the flow of your life.

We see the chaos in your world. So many different countries are struggling in the same ways with so much turmoil and yet you, wherever you live within the chaos, think it is only happening to you and your nation. You hold in the chaos as if it were your own, but it is not. It is so much bigger than you.

However, that said, it is also not the only thing happening in the world. There are nations where the chaos is more like a weak dull moan, instead of a full open mouth roar. This is called balance. There must be balance in the world at all times, so even though you might be living amidst the chaos in your nation right now, it will not last forever. It never does…

So how can you make a difference? How can you change the chaos? By not holding it in.

When you hear about this being done by your country, or that being done by the military, or terrorists killing innocent human life, you hold your breath. It is a natural human response. However, when that is all your are listening to, and talking to others about, you are always holding your breath.

And a body that does not breath does not thrive. 

And a being that is not thriving is not living. 

And a being that is not living is not able to create the best life possible.

Holding your breath is the equivalent of holding your existence in limbo. Going through the daily motions, but not moving into a better place, and keeping those three things in check is the cornerstone of how to live life as a human being.

You were given a vessel to inhabit so that you could experience life in a much slower and more deliberate way. For to live as your soul does is to exist in unison with All That Is. WE know what this is like, but we do not experience the consequences of our actions in such a way that we would stagnate ourselves in our spiritual growth.

So there are good things about having a human vessel, and there are not such good things about it. 

The good thing is that you can experience the expression of peace, love, joy, and happiness in such a profound way that it moves you to make positive changes.  The not so good thing is that you might not pay attention to your vessel and its surroundings, so you will hold your breath, lower your vibration, and receive more chaos (because that is the place to where you have now taken yourself).

So many humans do not believe in science and then there are scientists who disbelieve in spirit, even though they are at the threshold of discovering they are one in the same. You in your third world mind has not been able to “discover” it yet.  And no, religion is not that answer. Unfortunately your “religion” is man-made. It was created with a purpose by those who wanted control, those of a lesser vibrational match to what the world needs. WE are not saying your religion is false, or you should not believe in it, but we do ask that you consider that it is not the only answer to all of your questions. For when you do, you fail yourself and your ultimate potential has a human being.

Something new souls see as they walk into your world is that you keep repeating things over and over again. Look at any part of the planet, any family, any government, and you will see repeated mistakes over 30 or even 100 years. The cycle starts over and you do not envision something new. Instead you keep looking to the past for answers, instead of learning and growing and creating a new and better world for yourself.

Let us take this at a personal level, to explain what we mean. 

Look at your own family. How many patterns do you see repeated within your family unit over the generations? From alcoholism to diseases, you accept this as your fate because you believe it is inevitable. In that belief you have accepted a falsehood. While it may be in your physical DNA that you have inherited the potential for such things to happen, it is your manifestation (belief that you will end up with a disease or condition or personality) that creates it. When the truth is, science has only reached the knowledge that is of a very small percentage of your DNA (5 or 10 percent). So if you, from your perspective, are only seeing that much of your potential, why are you allowing yourself to inherit things (or even create new negative things) in your body or mind through your life’s existence?

WE are not saying you will never get sick or that you will never die. WE are saying that the devastation you think you need to endure is where you fail yourself, and those who come to exist after you.

If you do not remember anything else during your existence in the third world, remember this: life is ultimately all about making choices in a calm and peaceful way. 

That is why souls choose to incarnate in the third world, to live in a slower and more mindful way. When we slow things down we have time to think more, adjust more, create more clearly. But when you just accept that what happened to your mother or father will ultimately happen to you, then you are not creating life, but instead a repeat pattern of the past, which in turn creates more negative vibrations into the third world. And since so many of you are repeating the same mistakes of those before you, even within your family unit where you see the devastation it can cause, more chaos is reflected upon the third world as a whole.

So WE might suggest that you look at yourself and decide what you do not want to bring forth from your ancestors, including physical or mental ailments, and create a new mindset. Examine your beliefs, and examine your mental back-lashing. These are thoughts you tell yourself because others have told you them, not necessarily because they are true. Similar to programming a device to do what you want it to do for you, the same is true of mental back-lashing. Someone else created you (or parented you, or hired you, or married you…) and over time formed you into what they wanted, through their thoughts into what they think you should be. It is done time and time again without humans being any the wiser to the fact that they can be or do whatever it is they feel is their calling.

WE have heard the excuses, the health pitfalls you are in, the roadblocks you see in front of you. WE are not saying it will be easy to change your ways. In fact you will find many detours and forks in the road along your journey. Others who have relied upon your negative ways will do their best to harm you emotionally, or even physically, but the quicker you hold your own the quicker they will be removed from your life. And as difficult as this might be, WE promise that the ultimate destination will be for the benefit of your soul, and the souls of human beings you are, or will be, connected to.

Ultimately you will have the best life possible. 

WE often sense the fear of the unknown from the humans we speak to. But it is not a fear of the “unknown”, instead it a fear of others opinions. What someone else thinks is ultimately pointless in the grand scheme of things, so it’s alright if you want to keep your true path a secret to others so long as you are doing something daily to create that new path, and ultimately allow someone in the world to see it. For you cannot fulfill your destiny if you are sitting on the side bench watching others playing the game of life.

Remember, you have free will. However it has come to OUR attention that you think this means you can do anything you want with no consequences to yourself or others. For within your being, your soul knows right from wrong. Harmful words and actions will come back to you much more harshly than you let them out through physical, mental and emotional ways.

So you see there are always signs on the road of life trying to head you in the right direction. And the right direction is that which your heart and soul determined was right for you long before incarnation.

Sadly you forget. 

Not that you forget who you are and why you are here, that is always there down deep inside. Instead, you forget about where you come from...Home…. so that you may manifest in a way that is best for you in your incarnation. For when you are always thinking that Home is better, or you want to be somewhere else than where you are right now, you do yourself (and all the souls within your existence) a disservice. This is why it is so important to slow down, go inside, ask those who watch over you for guidance, and stop putting your life in the hands of those who are only going to direct you to their path.

Stop, rest, disconnect from society, and take the time to find yourself. 

Your true self. 

And listen. 

Listen to the voice deep inside your heart.

The one that has known all along who you are, 

Why you are here, 

And where you are heading. 

Then, you will know exactly where to go, what to do, and how to get there.

Good bye for now….


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