Monday, February 4, 2019

Higher Frequencies

I have been working with higher/angelic beings all my life. Since 2012 I have been blessed to have a new Tribe help me through the physical, emotional and spiritual changes of my life.

The Tribe has helped me gain clarity as to what shifts needed to be made in order to move forward each and every day of my life. It is now time for me to share them with you.

I refer to them mas my Tribe. They refer to themselves as ONE (as in we are all connected/we are all one). They are a group of souls who are here to help those ready to hear the messages. Their purpose is to help the walk-ins transition, find purpose and meaning in this low vibrational world, as well as to reach out to help of humanity. As a walk-in we can feel lost, unsure of our path, and quickly lose our way. With the help of my Tribe I hope will come along on my journey of sharing messages, share your own thoughts and feelings, and spread the love, compassion and patience this planet so desperately needs from us.

I thought today we would start with just a short message from them. Something easy, timeless, and always necessary for a any soul to understand once they have arrived into a new vessel here. I hope you will return each week as we share more insight, answers to questions you send in/comment about, and tools to make each day a little bit easier during our life here.

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So here we go....


February 1, 2019

We have come to be here with you, that is what we do. We help those who have stood up to the overwhelming task of being incarnate. It is not an easy job that you do, especially to take your advanced soul down to this level of existence.

You need to know that you are not alone. When you get too attached to the negative in your world you build a wall between us and we cannot penetrate that wall. Not that we do not try, it’s just that you are so detached from your spirit/soul that you do not hear us. So it is vital that you remain connected to us as often as possible.

The first few weeks, months, or even years ahead can be difficult. Your ego aspect will want you to stay attached to the negative and will want you to believe that you cannot exist without whatever it is you are detaching from. It is like having a bandage taken off ~ the ripping is going to hurt, so the mind tells you not to take it off, but you know inside that it must come off because it cannot stay on there forever or the damaged skin will not completely heal, in fact it will get worse. You call that common sense, or logic, but it is just the innate sense of your being to know the right thing to do. So even though there will be pain when the bandage is being removed, there are only several moments you will experience that, compared to the rest of your life.

There are many things we want to teach you, remind you of, so we decided that coming together as a collective consciousness would be the easiest way to communicate with you. We are a tribe, and then some. You have many who exist to help you as you are existing there to help us. For if we are forgotten and the evilness of the third world has control there will only be a cycle of reincarnation through the 4th or 5th worlds, creating a cycle of nothingness. That is how souls who are trying to evolve get trapped. That is why so many souls are on the planet in that 3rd world right now.

Do you see how there was an explosion of people in that world after 1990? So many began to get stuck, and in a previous incarnates life there was a resurgence of healing from 2000 to 2010. Then the world fell apart again. The souls did not stay connected, in fact many stayed in their “new state of being” mentally, but not as a whole being. That is why it feels like so much bad is happening again.

However many from higher planes of existence have grouped together to send a soul from their tribe back down the rabbit hole, so to speak, into the third world, to help raise the consciousness of the planet again. When we started, the souls we sent could not maintain themselves. So they ended up dying, or another soul ended up taking over for them. Then we realized that some of the souls being sent were not ready. The soul before Lisa was good to a point, but not strong enough as an evolved being (or not evolved enough) to withstand the people around her. That is why she was leaving and the accident was initiated.

However, when the word got to us that so many were leaving because they could not withstand the third world, that is when we ~ many multidimensional collectives from many different star systems ~ decided to create a better way of helping. Before we were just here, waiting to be asked for our help, and we realized that was not working. You would need our help from the start to the finish if you were going to be able to make a difference in the 3rd world and bring it back to a more peaceful, less crowded world. This is why so many have decided to not have children, and why the creatures of chaos that still exist are creating more children in their small groups. I see that it upsets many of you when there are 5 or 7 or even more children born to a family that cannot support the vitality of said children. That is because they are not interested in supporting the world, only the chaos. And many are using archaic theories from their religion to support their decisions.  This is also why religion can seem to be so foreign to you. Your structure comes from elsewhere, and we are here to keep you connected. We are very happy that through being Sky our channel has found the strength to detach from the chaos and go within and find her true self so you can remain connected to us. We are here to help you, always.

We know you struggle with the energy. Especially because you live in a world with so many other people. However, the more you remain focused on the work you are here to do, the less their existence will affect you. The work you are here to do is all encompassing, for all beings that are there now, as you are, are there to remain connected in the heart and soul to what is BEYOND YOUR PHYSICAL SELF. Not necessarily mentally, but by emotionally and spiritually. And it is true that those who come from the highest of realms with their tribe, to the third world, have specific gifts to bring to the inhabitants of the third world. Each comes with one goal in mind. Some come to teach, others come to heal, and still others come to be meditation masters and hold the energy of the planet at its highest level of existence (5D). Your purpose is to share the word. Whatever word you choose, to help others understand that they can reach beyond the lower vibrations that exist in their world.

So there was a plan created before each of you decided to walk into your body. There must be a plan if you are to consider doing this for all of us. Of course you are one piece in the puzzle, however there are not as many higher evolved beings on the planet right now as those around you would like you to believe. There are some, but not many because of the inability for a walk-in to remain connected to their purpose. They seem to have lost their way very easily and allowed their human ego to take over, even those who provide healing abilities to others. This is why many of you have not wanted anyone to touch you (like in a massage), for you know the forces around you have not been of the light.

It is difficult for all of us at this time to complete this type of mission, but we stay focused on the outcome in order to dismiss any annoyances that present themselves. WE, as a collective, must lower our vibration to a fifth world level in order to communicate with you, however you must also raise your vibration to us to communicate. It is much more difficult for you than it is for us, so do not worry about our well being.  WE are far more concerned about your well being, and your ability to live a meaningful life there in the third world, than anything else.

Their are only a few things that we see that are most difficult for you while adjusting to this world:

Food: we do not need this past the fifth world, so you have not had the need for such a thing in billions of years (a third world comparison). Eating animals is not good. It will only make it more difficult for you to fluctuate between the third, fourth and fifth worlds during your lifetime. Eating plants, fruits, nuts and leaves are more beneficial than other things, however you do have a human vessel that was created for someone else in our family who has a lower soul vibration than you do, so you might need fish for grounding. Sea life have a much higher vibration than land animals. Choose what you eat carefully, but eat plentifully.

Water: again, you have not needed this since passing the fifth world, so it is foreign to you which is why at times you forget to drink it. Find a way to drink more of it, and even emerce your body in it, for it will lighten your physical and mental load.

Rest/Sleep: this is probably the most difficult for you to understand. As a human in the third world sleep is not thought of as anything important. However, it is vital to your existence for it is your only true release from the world you are living in. Your soul is cleansed while you are sleeping, so if your body is ill in any way, no matter how slight your conscious self tells you, more sleep than what is scientifically “normal” is definitely necessary. Scientifically normal is eight hours. Plus the higher world you are from, the more sleep you will need. You are not going to the 4th or 5th world when you sleep. You my child are going HOME to a much higher vibrational existence when you sleep, so you need more time away AND more time to adjust once you return each day. This is why you need time to adjust after “waking up” each day. Keeping electronics and such (man made vibrations) away from you is vital in order for the “time” needed to be of positive use. For example you will typically need a good 30 minutes after waking up (more if you are physically disabled) to adjust to returning to our body each day. The more you adjust to your vessel (if you adjust) the less time needed but you will still need some waking time. Walk-ins will never be the one's who jump up out of bed like a rocket. That is the scared human thinking something else is more important.

The one thing we see that you need the most of is NATURE. Just being out in it for a short time as you move from work to home is not enough. You must find a routine of being in nature each day for at least 30 minutes (without distractions) to be more settled in your physical vessel. Today is an excellent day to reconnect ~ open the windows, go for a walk, and don’t forget to clear your space! Clearing agents (sage, palo santo, cedar, sandalwood, frankincense, etc) are vital for you to remain balanced inside the structures you must live and work in.

Until next time...


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