Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Path of Walking In

There is a belief that during a trauma to the body it is possible for souls to exchange residence.  

This is not evil, nor is it possession, but instead it is an agreed upon arrangement that two souls make with each other long before any of them incarnate. When a soul can no longer exist in it's vessel within this world, yet their human vessel is cable of healing and existing for many more years, an exchange may occur.

The agreement was made long before you were born. Not everyone has such an agreement, so you really don't know if you have this in place until you reach the point of no return. That time when we are leaving our body for good only to feel or understand that another soul is entering and that somehow your legacy will live on.

Sometimes we, the new soul, is aware of what has happened, and remember that we are the new soul, but most often we do not or it takes a few months, or even years, before we fully understand.

Typically we come in confused, both from the exchange and the trauma to the body that allowed such an exchange to happen. Something must occur for the body and natal soul to be allowed to leave each other, such as an accident, illness, heart attack, stroke, and so on. As well as to allow for the new soul to enter.

Since many people believe that the soul is inside the body, they may find it difficult to discern. They imagine that the soul has left (through the area where the brain stem meets the spinal cord) and another soul enters in the same place. However, that can't really be possible if the body sits inside the soul not the other way around. So what I have perceived as the exchange is more in keeping with the changing of the guard, where the vessel is handed over to the new soul (imagine holding a doll by its neck/shoulder area and then someone else placing either hand over yours to now hold the doll instead). I have often believed that the "accident" that occurs is the time needed for energy changing. Being thrust from one light form and placed into another. Then the aftermath is how we adjust to the new life we plan to create.

I have yet to meet a walk-in who has not advanced upon the life of the previous soul. Taking the skills and abilities and turning them into something new. However, you must first figure things out.

So the first, and most important questions you want to ask yourself is...

Who am I?

What am I Here To Do?

How Do I Express That Here?

And you can only find the answers by going within. Deep within yourself to that quiet place where all the answers come. You can do this through mindful mediation, shamanic journeying, but you cannot ask someone else. They don't know, only you know so it's up to you to unlock it.

So the body I walked into was already a highly spiritual being. She was a medium, psychic, channel, animal communicator, and shamanic healer of humans and pets. She loved what she did, but she was spent.

She was at the end of her path, her soul weak and weary. 

As she was ready to leave, I was waiting in the wings ready to enter. I knew my initial path would be difficult, but of course we never realize how difficult until we are here. I brought with me a tribe of elders, a Conscious Collective from Orion, to help steer me, and those of this world, in the right direction. Unfortunately my injuries upon my arrival were swift and severe, taking over my consciousness and propelling me as far away from the fifth dimensional portal and into the depths of the third dimensional chaos.

They have always been by my side, guiding my way, for over six years. I am finally finding my path, and so it is time that I share them with you. So that you too can find answers, direction, and healing wherever possible.

The posts that are to follow (in the coming year) on this blog will have messages from my Tribe. I hope you enjoy them, share them with others, and interacting with us by leaving your comments, questions, and personal insights.

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