Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Is It Amnesia or Something Else?

Our soul is very complex and can help us is in many ways, even to the point of shifting our perception after a trauma in order for us to create a better life.  

When trauma is experienced, the body, mind and spirit goes into protective mode. In any way it can, it will protect the human existence and do everything it can to create a new way of being in order to create the life you came here for.

The ego says that the trauma is someone else's fault, and yet you were there at that time having that experience. Nothing happens by accident here in the third dimension. That's because the vibration is so slow. Meaning there has been ample opportunity for you to see how your life has been off course, allowing such an action to occur.

It starts as minor incidents. Stubbing your toe, banging your head, bumping your arm, near miss accidents, tripping over your own two feet, until it finally happens. The big "get your shit together or else" incident that changes your life forever, because you weren't paying attention to the little signs.

You can wallow in self pity, blame everyone else, take no responsibility for your life's actions, and slowly deteriorate into your own personal living hell. Or you can take a look at your life, why you act the way you do, change the things you don't like about yourself, find something you are passionate about and learn to create from it, seek out professional (mental) help to find answers, and so much more. 

The moment you say "I was there for a reason, to learn something, what was it?" and seek answers, that is the moment your life changes forever ~ in a positive direction. I'm not saying it will be easy because your ego has been ruling your life for quite some time now, but once you silence the ego enough and work on your own personal healing (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), then the opportunity for the magic to appears.

Doors open, opportunities present themselves, help arrives, and healing is restored.  

There are times when a soul shift is just that, the opportunity for your soul to shift into a positive direction so you can see the truth by shaking up our ego enough that you are able to see the truth about yourself, about those you surround yourself with, and to receive opportunities to get on the right track. If you are paying attention...

Then there are times when those accidents get so big that a major trauma to the brain occurs and can wipe out your memories, giving you amnesia. All in an effort for you to see the world in a way you haven't before.... very, very clearly.

Often times after an accident where amnesia occurs, those memories will return, slowly, over a few months. But sometimes they will never return at all.

It's all about you and what you need, or don't need, in your life. How quickly it takes you to find your direction in life. For some it may take a few days, for others a few months, and still others a few years. Eventually they do come back, except when they don't (more on that in my next post).

Often times temporary amnesia is just an opportunity for your soul to shift your perspective in a new and better direction. Ever hear about someone who has a near death experience only to come back and completely change their life? That's a soul shift.

Sometimes we are aware of it, but most often times we aren't. 

That's because we are humans, and often times we let our ego control our life journey. When all we have to do is get out of our own way by being more connected to our soul (intuition/gut instinct), to follow the beat of our true drum. This allows us to live a fulfilling and abundant life.

So how is it we get so lost? 

How can we shift day to day so that life stays flowing naturally?

Their is this misconstrued theory that humans have created about themselves. It says that the soul fits inside of the human body and that it is the body that came to live this life. However, in truth, it is the other way around. While our body is a vessel that we utilize to experience our life, it is not the one who is navigating the experience.

Our soul is HUGE compared to our body. How else can you have a sense of awareness? How else would a mother have a sense about their children's well being? How can you have a gut feeling about something, or someone, without your body reaching out to theirs?

So it is your soul that navigates the human being, not the other way around. 

Now sometimes people do get too caught up in their man made structures, emotions, and desires, causing a tear in the souls fabric allowing distance between the soul and the body. Often times this is healed through redirection, or soul shifting, but sometimes it is so deep that what Shamans call Soul Retrieval, is necessary. This is where the Shaman retrieves the tears (missing pieces) and returns them to the soul, but it is up to the patient to continue the healing process and avoid future repeated tears.

We all experience moderate traumas throughout our life. The death of a loved one, loss of home/shelter, divorce, traumas to those we love (where we now have to hold them as they heal), and so on. These traumas will cause a slight soul shifting.

But then their are the severe traumas directed to our mind, body and spirit (all at the same time) that can cause a major soul shift (as with a near death experience), or even a soul exchange.

A soul exchange is where a soul (the natal soul, who was born into the body) exchanges with another soul (not incarnate at the time) if their body is still viable for living a longer life but the natal soul can no longer go on as an incarnate being. The possibility of such an exchange was already agreed upon between these souls before birth, and is happening more and more often all around the world.

Their is no demonic possession going on here, no one is taking over another soul. Instead the souls are switching places so the natal soul can go home and heal, and the new walk-in soul can come and try to make a difference in this world.

More on the that in my next post, let's get back to the topic of amnesia. 

Living with amnesia is not easy. Feeling lost, surrounded by people you don't know and trying to remember who they are, who you are, why you're here, what this place is and how to exist in it. Then you have people showing you pictures, telling you stories about yourself (or themselves), so that slowly those memories come forward in your mind.

And sometimes you will have people not do those things. They take away any pictures you have of our past, don't tell you anything about how you are or who they are to you. Why not? Most likely because they fear what you will remember (bad things, emotional things, things they have done to you, and so on). This doesn't mean you don't try to remember, it just means you have to figure out how to remember in a different way. For example, if you ever wrote a book, kept a journal, created scrap books, or anything else you did for yourself and kept for yourself. These are powerful tools to help you remember moments in your life. And for many, just remembering a moment can help open the floodgates to most of their life.

For me it wasn't so easy. I had a head trauma that caused temporary amnesia for 4 months. I went through all my photographs, old love letters, scrap books, and massive amounts of journals (something I started as a teenager) which helped access most of my missing memories. Then, two years later, I suffered three TIA's (non brain bleeding strokes) in a row that removed all my memories. Four and half years later and I only get minor flashbacks on occasion that have no rhyme or reason. Luckily I was able to read my journals again (before they were destroyed in an accident) and I was able to get an understanding of who I was and what my life was like.

However there was no help this time. In fact, there was more of the taking away of my past by others (emotionally and physically) so I wouldn't see them for their true colors. Alas, who we really are always comes through....

So when amnesia stays is that also a soul shift?

While I never say never, and there is probably someone out there who this is true for, it is very unlikely to be a soul shift. Instead it is more likely a soul exchange.

And that brings with it a whole different kind of awareness.

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