Monday, September 3, 2018

Why Do We Walk In?

You may think that a lot of souls are walking in and while there are more than there ever have been before, but that doesn’t mean we are taking over the planet.

It means that the planet, and the souls existing upon it, are in dire need of raising their vibration in order for their existence to continue. The human species is very limited in its knowledge of how and why they exist. If they did they wouldn’t be trying so hard to wipe out their world.

So big picture: why do we come here? WE being walk-ins? 

To raise the vibration of the planet called earth. There are other planets with other beings in the 3rd dimension, but luckily All That Is  kept them far apart from each other. When they evolve into a higher dimensional state, say 4th dimension, then they will change the consciousness of the planet and shift away from the chaos towards a more cohesive existence.

I am not just referring to whatever country you live, because each country has it’s own low vibrational beings. I’m referring to every square inch of the blue planet. It is your perception that is keeping so many in such a low vibrational status. I, like many walkins, have no real contact with my biological family. We are friends on social media and I do talk to a sane relative now and then, but for the most part they are living in such a low vibrational state that I cannot be around them. Today I read a comment on social media by one of those I do not connect with and the words written were by a true narcissist. My eyes nearly fell out of my head.

When I separated myself from this person he was very self centered and verbally abusive. So most of the time I just zoned out whatever he was saying. However, what he said today, and how he was 3 years ago, shows the progress of the low vibrations of the planet. I see it in others around me, where they have to take whatever is said and turn it to something about them. Or worse, think they are saying something nice to you when they are truly being condescending. This is a slippery slope to narcissistic land. But just as you can go left, you can go right.

So how do you help someone like this? First, they have to hear you. If they ignore what you are telling them about themselves then you might need to walk away. I have many times. However, if they will listen to you teach them how to listen to the words they are using. I have a friend who is on that slippery slope, and when I say “that was rude”, or “did you just really say that”, or even “listen to your words…” Most of the time I am rebutted with a scoff and ignored, but every once in awhile a light bulb goes off and  she actually starts to be mindful of what she is saying and doing. When the latter happens her whole world changes, but she has trouble seeing it.

I must say you cannot change those who do not want to change. They will remain in the dark place and stay there until they die. We as walk-ins are not here to drag them kicking and screaming away from that which they have always known. It is our job to be ourselves.

Did you get that? 

It’s our job to stay connected, to consistently remember our purpose, and to walk the path of All That Is. We are here to raise the vibration of the planet so that others may see their own way out of the darkness. It is not our job to change them, it is our job to change the vibration of the planet. And the only way we can do that is if we are true to ourselves.

To be a walk-in is a difficult task indeed. It is easy to get sucked into the low vibration, especially if you are one who walked into a life that was surrounded by that low vibration. It took me 5 years to realize my full potential here. To realize that all I had to do was be myself, follow the path my soul showed me, so that I could continue to raise my vibration throughout my lifetime  It doesn’t matter where or who's vessel I walked into, what matters is what I do with that life to help all of humanity.

Now you’re probably thinking: that’s all? Is that all we are here for? Ultimately, yes. However we are also here to experience life through the 3rd dimension. There are things we want to touch, eat, see, and experience at this level of physical vibration. But we must take that vessel and encase it into our soul in order to experience it. If you think it is the other way around (the soul exists inside the body) then you are very limited in your perception of your soul’s ability to exist. You are most likely living a life closer to the second dimension than the fourth.

So you see, you can live a life in 3D that vibrates more towards a lower dimension or a higher one. It is not that you are suddenly living in a fourth dimension, but instead you are resonating with that energy so that the dimension you live in can vibrate higher to allow a better life for those who exist there.

THAT is why we are here. To help everyone, not just ourselves. To think otherwise is to take you on the path down the rabbit hole. And that is a very dark place my friend!

So slow down and go inside. Find your soul, your true soul the one that is not talking to you in your head but navigates you with your heart. Find your inner knowing and you will find your true path, your true calling in life, and when you do your vibration will raise and your life will seem brighter and happier each and every day (not just some days when things suddenly go your way for a change).

Once you are there, allow your new connection to change your perception and lead you on the path of not only raising your vibration, but that of those around you. Life is not about having stuff, it is about being happy all the time.

When will you let yourself find that?

So, what is it like to walk in to a body? Not easy....

First you need to know that I am walk-in number two. The former occupant of this vessel walked in on June 22, 2001 and left July 29, 2012.

During her time here she helped the life shift into something magnificent, and she integrated into the life of the original soul easily keeping most of the past relationships, including family, while receiving a flurry of new relationships from those that vibrate at a much more cohesive level. In June of 2006 she began to move away from her current home, ready to expand her work with the Other Side to a new level. One month later, while viewing the perfect home in a new town she got a call that her father was ill and she needed to return immediately. She drove back at the crack of dawn and was there for her father until his passing in October. She experienced the lowest of vibrations during this time from the hospital he was in to the family dynamics, and she succumbed to the sickness it emitted.

Six month later the Lupus symptoms returned in full swing and it took her a year to heal her mind, body and spirit. Opening doors to new and wondrous opportunities calling her West to the Colorado Rockies reconnecting with a soul spirit that had promised to be there for her. Unfortunately she had difficulty getting through to the conscious self of that being and after six months they disconnected, leaving her to feel lost in a land of dessert. Unable to pull herself out of the loss she decided to leave the host through a hiking accident, a sport she dearly loved.

That is when the all points bulletin went out to her soul family to see if there was a soul interested in taking on the host. We all knew that there would always be a possibility that this might happen and many of us were ready when the time came. It is not that I was first in line, but instead I was the soul capable of making this soul exchange at that time. For as we all know it can be a very difficult transition.

So on July 29, 2012 she fell head first down a steep decline in a hiking path where a large boulder broke her fall. It was split second timing where the soul exchange occurred. Seconds before her physical vessel hit the boulder until seconds after she hit the ground from ricocheting off the boulder, is when she left and I arrived. This is why there is no emotional knowledge of the initial impact itself, however once the body hit the ground I was fully aware of being here because the pain was excruciating.

I had broken my upper jaw, fractured three ribs, knocked out 5 teeth, dislocated my shoulder, dislocated my sternum, suffered a brain injury, and by the next day was suffering from retrograde amnesia. Oh yea, and some rebar was sticking out of my leg in two places. It took several hours to get to the hospital (volunteer ambulance took me down the mountain to meet the county ambulance where I finally got some pain meds on my way to the emergency room).

It wasn’t until the middle of the night, waking up in a hospital bed, that I realized what had happened to me physically and spiritually.  Looking around the room I didn’t know where I was or where I belonged. Someone was sleeping in a cot in my room and in the morning I learned it was my friend and roommate who was hiking with me the day before. Some things I recalled, like her name, but most I did not. I just knew that where I was, in whatever place I was, I didn’t belong with these people and I had to figure out how to get on my own path. I wandered from family to friend and finally to a place of own in the middle of nowhere for the next year as I healed from the broken bones. The effects of the concussion would continue to follow me for a very long time.

Of course I did get lost along my journey and suffered another illness (stroke) to get me back on track. This time wiping my memories of the past away almost completely in order to help me disconnect from those who could not accept the new me. As a human on this planet it is very hard to not want to be with your family, but soon you realize that is just a word used to say you were born into the same nuclear household. A family is created by love through love and I needed to find that.

One friend reached out and took me to a new state I was more connected to. And while I should have stayed put, my wandering self decided I wanted to live in a warm climate and so I meandered back towards family only to be disarmed by several mini strokes to wipe out all of my memories and cause even more physical illness. This showed me the true aspect of those I was calling family and in it I found only a few who were of like mindedness. Most were horribly connected to the second dimensional energies and had no desire to become better humans. Unfortunately I had be the brunt of their wrath before I could understand that.

Today I am back in the state that I am connected to. I’m not sure if I will always remain here, because somewhere inside I feel a call to another place on this earth. I suspect I cannot go there until I am completely healed ~ physically and mentally. I am still adjusting to this new self, new tastes, new sounds, new sights, and new thoughts. It is that which will help me expand beyond my current state of finding my path, to being completely on my path.

And I relish the day it arrives.

As for today, it is six years since I arrived, and a perfectly good year to get back into helping others once again. So much so I practiced my gifts on a few friends as was informed that I was better than ever! 

So here is to the next journey. The next seven years and beyond shall be much more remarkable than the last, and surely I will be able to make a difference in someone's life.

So as you can see, no one chooses to walk-in just to hang out and take over someone else's body. 

In fact we must dredge through the muck of the life (or live's) before to clear the way for our own path. Sometimes we get lucky and have an incredibly strong vessel that, even if it is ill, can recover from the transfer. However, more often than not there is a lot to work through before we can get to the place of feeling connected to our existence here. For if we do not find that connection, we cannot stay and typically the vessel will quickly die (through accident or illness).

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